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Waiter, There’s An Insect In My Meat

Tyson Foods – which has rolled up more than a dozen long-established brands of delicious meat products – announced in 2023 that insects in meat is the future. Here’s Tyson’s Press Release dated October 29, 2023:

The strategic investment will… expand the use of insect ingredient solutions to create more efficient sustainable proteins and lipids for use in the global food system.

If insects in your meat sound tasty to you, here is a partial current list of brands that Tyson owns:

  • Tyson
  • Hillshire Farm
  • Ball Park Franks
  • Aidells Sausage
  • Nature Raised Farms
  • Wright
  • Raised and roted
  • State Fair
  • SaraLee
  • Bosco’s
  • Gallo Salame
  • Chairman’s Reserve
  • Lady Aster
  • Open Prairie

Tyson is buying and selling smaller meat companies all the time. The company’s current list of brands is here: Tyson Brands.






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